Weather the Storm

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Fieldproof Prints came about out of necessity. We know the struggle military personnel go through on a daily basis, and having equipment fail on you just adds to the stress.

We support the military by building the highest quality products possible so that you can rest easy knowing what you purchase is reliable and can weather the storm.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA.


Fieldproof Prints innovated to increase the durability and reliability of the your handbook or publication.


Synthetic paper is able to resist water, even completely submerged.

Corrosion resistant bindings

Bindings that last as long as the handbook does and stands up to the elements.

Note Friendly

Jot notes on the paper with a pencil, even with our synthetic paper.

Weather the Storm

Fieldproof Prints utilizes a special synthetic paper that repels moisture while simultaneously allowing convenient and easy usage of the handbook. Even with the synthetic paper, you still retain the ability to write notes.


Synthetic paper is able to resist water indefinitely, allowing use in adverse weather conditions.


Our handbooks are durable with synthetic paper and prevents general wear-and-tear, staining, and smudging.

Created Out of Necessity

Fieldproof Prints came into existence out of necessity. Having gone through multiple Ranger handbooks due to weather, wear-and-tear, or just simply not being up to par, founder Tony decided to step up and do something about it. 


All handbooks are printed, assembled, and shipped within the United States.

Vetern OWNED

Fieldproof Prints is owned and operated by former recon Marine and current National Guardsman.


Our product was created to last in the toughest of conditions and assist the men and women who need it the most. This what they have to say.

I was tired of having to reassemble my old Ranger Handbook in the field. I would constantly have to re-tape pages back together. Instead of sleeping or eating an MRE I was trying to fix my handbook. Now with my Fieldproof¬†Ranger Handbook, I don’t have to worry about having my handbook in a ziplock bag. Steve

- U.S. Army

The weather-proof Ranger Handbook from Fieldproof Prints was one of the most durable and reliable pieces of kit I carried during Army Special Forces Small Unit Tactics school. Rain or shine I knew I could count on the waterproof and tear-proof Ranger Handbook for quick references when it really counted. Jake

- Former USMC Scout Sniper

This ranger handbook is everything you need to be successful. Raining or not this book proved to be a reliable piece of equipment that served me well at the Army SF Small Unit Tactics course. Without a doubt, this is a piece of gear that every soldier should have with them 24/7 in the field. Not even the elements can phase this book. Evan

- U.S. Army